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Suma Alzouhayli


Suma Alzouhayli is an M2 at WSUSOM, the President of the WSUSOM Chapter as well as the Co-President of NAAMA NextGen National. Suma earned my Bachelors of Arts in Biology and Chemistry, with a concentration in Biological Physics at Kalamazoo College in Kalamazoo, MI. Her academic passion includes social justice and implicit bias influences in patient care, ENT H&N, and ultrasound diagnostics. Suma is very blessed for the opportunities NAAMA NextGen has given her, including exploring how to carry her Arab American identity professionally in medicine, coordinating and leading the Obesity Research Project, developing an instagram (follow us), and so much more. We're gaining momentum and Suma is excited to continue making progress.  

Ziad Khalifa is a year 2 medical student at Wayne State University School of Medicine. He completed a Bachelors of Science in Biological Sciences degree at Wayne State University. One of his interests in medicine is Emergency Medicine! In undergrad one of his favorite pastime was beatboxing in an A Cappella group!

Ziad Khalifa


Austin Qasawa is an M2 and treasurer of NAAMA NextGen at WSUSOM. He completed his undergrad at the University of Michigan with a bachelors of science in biochemistry and a minor in medical anthropology. His current research revolves around the field of gastroenterology with an interest in nutrition and his favorite pastime is playing basketball.

Austin Qasawa 


Anthony Hanna is an M2 and the Social Chair at WSUSOM. He completed undergrad at Wayne State University where he completed his bachelor degree in Honors Biochemistry and Chemical Biology. Anthony loves to travel and has played baseball for 15 years!

Anthony Hanna

Social Chair

Iman William is an M2 at WSUSOM and the Outreach Coordinator for our school’s chapter of NAAMA NextGen. She went to the University of Michigan and earned her degree in Biomolecular Science. Iman is potentially interested in Internal Medicine but still exploring!

Iman William

Outreach Chair

Wassim El-Sayed is the Collaboration Chair for NAAMA NextGen at WSUSOM! He is currently an M2. He graduated undergrad from UofM Dearborn in 2019 with a Behavioral and Biological Sciences Degree and a minor in Anthropology.

Wassim El-Sayed

Collaboration Chair

Adel Hijazi is an M2 and research co-chair at WSUSOM NAAMA. He completed undergrad at Oakland University where he completed a Bachelors in Biology. His favorite thing to do is hike in national parks. 

Adel Hijazi

Research Chair

Brandon Batarse is an M2 at WSUSOM and the research co-chair for NAAMA NextGen. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience at Michigan State University. Brandon loves learning about both psychiatry and sports medicine. He also likes watching films, cycling, and traveling. 

Brandon Batarse

Research Chair

Renieh Nabaty is an M2 and the CHIP Vision Clinic Coordinator at WSUSOM. She completed my undergrad degree at Wayne State in Biochemistry and Public Health. She hasn't decided what specialty she'll be pursuing just yet but is interested in health care policy and political advocacy. In her free time Renieh likes to binge watch reality TV!

Renieh Nabaty

Clinic Coordinator 

Yazeed Haddad is an M2 and one of the clinic chairs at WSUSOM. He earned his Bachelors of Science in Neuroscience at Michigan State University. Yazeed enjoys cross training and reading books.

Yazeed Haddad

Clinic Coordinator

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