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Dalia is a fourth-year Physiology and Neurosciences major minoring in Human Developmental Sciences. She plans on attending medical school, on the path to becoming a physician-scientist. She is passionate about educational outreach and promoting initiatives that address health disparities. As a first-generation Syrian immigrant, she aspires to use her medical training to provide care for refugees locally and abroad. Dalia spends most of her time working at a cancer biology laboratory, exploring the role of nucleoporin in cancer metabolism. In her free time, she likes to go for runs or hang out at the beach.

Dalia Koujah



Sultan Al Azzawi is an Iraqi pre-medical student, who is majoring in Human Biology and minoring in Education Studies. Sultan immigrated with his family to the United States in 2013. His main goal and passion are to serve and connect with underserved middle eastern populations, who suffer from the same health inequities that his family experienced - such as lack of insurance and lack of health literacy. In his free time, Sultan loves to run and hike. Sultan also enjoys watching Japanese anime. Contact info:

Sultan Al Azzawi



Tony Eskandar is a first-generation Syria American with aspirations in practicing medicine abroad and practicing global health. Despite aspiring to enter the medical field, especially in more hands-on careers like surgery, his favorite pastime is working on his 90’s race car. It may seem absurd, but he sees wrenching on it much like how he aspires to repair the human body. Regarding music, Tony is a big fan of underground and alternative rock, but also listens to pretty much every genre of music, and a Kanye/Daft Punk fan. 

Tony Eskandar