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Layla Maria Aboukhater


Jude Alawa


Layla Maria Aboukhater is pursuing an MD at the Stanford School of Medicine, and an MPH at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Layla has lived most of her life in Aleppo, Syria, but immigrated to the U.S. in 2015. She earned her B.S. in Biology from Boston College and then completed a year of HIV research in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia funded by a Fulbright grant. Layla is interested in the burden of infectious diseases in LMICs, refugee health, and global public health interventions. At Stanford, Layla is involved in research projects in the Trauma and Plastic & Reconstructive surgery divisions. When not working, Layla enjoys maintaining her three-year-long Duolingo streak, baking baklawa, rereading the Harry Potter books in different languages, and traveling, with the goal to visit 30 countries before 30.

Jude Alawa, from Miami, Florida, is pursuing an MD at the Stanford School of Medicine. He earned bachelor’s degrees in molecular, cellular, and developmental biology and global affairs from Yale University, as well as a master’s degree in public health from the University of Cambridge. Jude aspires to use his experience treating patients to inform community-based interventions and policy reform that can improve access to quality health services for marginalized communities. Originally from Damascus, Syria, Jude has led several initiatives to improve access to healthcare for displaced populations, particularly in Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, and Somalia. Jude enjoys playing and watching basketball, playing the piano and viola, and spending time outdoors with friends.

Nadine Jawad is a first year medical student at the Stanford School of Medicine. She previously completed her B.A. in Public Policy at the University of Michigan Gerald R. Ford School and her Masters of Philosophy in Social Policy at Oxford University. Nadine is interested in primary care, conflict medicine (in the MENA region), public health, and immigrant and population health. For fun she likes to rollerblade, read fiction, and play with her cat Peanut Butter.

Nadine Jawad

External Relations Chair

Charbel Bou-Khalil

Finance Officer

Charbel Bou-Khalil is a first-year medical student at Stanford university, pursuing a scholarly concentration in health services and policy research with an application in Quality Improvement. He was born and raised in Lebanon, before immigrating to the US in 2014. He started his education at a local community college, before transferring to UCLA where he graduated with a degree in Biology and a minor in biomedical research. Charbel is passionate about engaging with populations in areas of the world like Lebanon where conflict and political instability are endemic. In particular, Charbel is interested in understanding the impact of early childhood stress, how resilience can be leveraged as a protective factor, and how to develop and implement sustainable, low-cost interventions to equip children with healthy coping mechanisms as they navigate chronic stressors. During his free time, Charbel enjoys playing soccer, ultimate frisbee, and biking.

Mohamed Elzarka

Internal Affairs Chair

Mohamed Elzarka is a first-year medical student at the Stanford University School of Medicine from Cincinnati, OH. He graduated from the University of Cincinnati with bachelor’s degrees in neurobiology and liberal arts, and with a master’s degree in public health. In the past, he has worked as a Health Policy intern at the US Senate, volunteered at a community clinic in his hometown, and conducted research on mental healthcare infrastructure in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mohamed aspires to expand healthcare access for traditionally underserved communities, especially those affected by war or conflict.

Judith Mizrachi

Social Chair 

Judith Mizrachi is currently a medical student at Stanford University. She studied theatre and music at community college before transferring to the University of Minnesota to complete a bachelors degree in astrophysics and mathematics. At the U of M, Judith was involved with several physics project, including the development of a neutrino detector in collaboration with Fermilab, the development of MRI-based methods to test islet grafts at the Center for Magnetic Resonance Research, and was awarded funding and observation time on NASA’s SOFIA telescope, which led to several spin-off projects studying the circumstellar dust of RV Tauri stars. After college, Judith began work at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, where she completed her PhD in biomedical engineering. There, she developed a new microscopy method that combines super-resolution and light sheet microscopy for simultaneous whole brain neuronal tracing and synapse imaging. Judith is passionate about science outreach, and in her spare time enjoys singing, playing piano and guitar, watching musicals, and eating gluten free pizza.

Dina Sheira


Dina Sheira is pursuing an MD degree at Stanford School of Medicine. She previously earned her B.A. in Biology and Sociology at Columbia University. She also played on the Columbia Women's varsity soccer team. Following graduation, she stayed in New York to pursue clinical research at the Hospital for Special Surgery and New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center, studying the impact of social isolation on elderly patients recovering from low-trauma hip fracture and the importance of early intervention in their recovery. Dina's family is from Egypt and she spent significant time with family there over the years. Dina aspires to better understand aging, health maintenance, and geriatric care and how better to implement sustainable care for geriatric patients in underserved communities.