National Scholarships

NAAMA Foundation Scholarship

The NAAMA Foundation Scholarship supports four NAAMA NextGen students, three medical and one dental, who will be enrolled in an institution within the United States the year they are awarded. 


The scholarship amount is $5,000 per student for the academic year and cannot be renewed. 


Application is open from June 15, 2020 to July 15, 2020. 

Am I eligible? How do I apply? 


Applicant must be a NAAMA NextGen member for at least one year prior to submitting an application


Applicants must provide: 

  1. Acceptance letter to their institution 

  2. Certificate of Merit and/or Transcript of Grades 

  3. Evidence of Community Service activity 

  4. Documentation of financial need 

  5. A written essay demonstrating student’s interest in the history of Arabic culture

  6. A minimum of 2 letters of recommendation  


Please gather the above information and start the application here: 

How are award recipients selected? 

The committee shall review and shall have final approval authority. Every reviewer will score each section of an application based on a scoring system from 0 to 5, with 5 being the best. The mean of the final scores from the reviewers will be calculated for each application. The three best applicants in medicine and the best applicant in dental will be awarded the scholarship. If there arises a tie in the final mean scores, the decision will be made by majority vote.

What is expected of me if I choose to accept the award?


  • $5,000 scholarship endowment 

  • Agreement to serve on NAAMA NextGen committee for at least one year after graduation 

Nondiscriminatory Policy

  • Scholarship recipients will be selected based on criteria reasonably related to the charitable purposes of the Scholarship Fund.

  • From the charitable class of individuals who could meet the established scholarship criteria, all scholarships shall be awarded on an objective and nondiscriminatory basis. 

  • In selecting scholarship recipients, the committee shall not take into account a candidate’s relationship with any person. Family members of past or present directors and/or employees of the Foundation shall not be eligible to receive scholarship grants, nor shall any person who is a “disqualified person”. Typically, no employee or family member of a donor, an advisor, or a member of the Scholarship Committee, is eligible to receive scholarship grants.

Solicitation of Applicants

  • Typically, applicants shall be solicited nationally. 

  • Application forms can be accessed at NAAMA website and will be distributed to NAAMA NextGen members.

Notification of Scholarship Recipients

  • Scholarship recipients shall be notified after the Committee has given final approval of the selected students. Goal date: August 15, 2020.

Scholarship award recipients 

  • The Scholarship Committee shall provide each scholarship recipient with a letter notifying him/her of the grant, and specifying that all amounts must be used exclusively for tuition at medical/dental schools.

  • The recipient shall be required to sign and return a copy of the letter indicating his/her acceptance of the scholarship.

  • The funds are provided for one year duration and are nonrenewable.

Supervision of Grants

  • The Scholarship Committee shall require each scholarship recipient enrolled in courses to provide a transcript indicating the recipient’s courses taken, and grades received in each academic period covered by the grant. The transcript must be verified by the educational institution that the recipient is attending.

  • After receiving the required documentation of fees paid by the student, the Committee shall send scholarship checks in four installments to the student.

Local Scholarships
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Ibn Sina Scholarship

Merit & need-based scholarship


Awarded to a student currently attending Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit, Michigan