NAAMA NextGen Organizing Charter





NAAMA NextGen - a section of NAAMA - was created in early 2018 and focuses on American medical, dental, and pharmacy students along with trainees of Arabic heritage. Members of NAAMA NextGen have the opportunity to work with, not only fellow students across the country, but to also seek mentorship from NAAMA members.


Section II – MISSION


NAAMA NextGen is committed to enhancing and promoting the careers of future doctors, dentists, and pharmacists. We seek to empower undergraduate and graduate students to be active in healthcare advocacy and community service.




NAAMA NextGen will make available to its members resources to help them pursue a career in healthcare. Such resources include and are not limited to:


  • Involvement with mentors

  • Clinical and scientific research

  • Seminars focusing on medical, dental, and pharmacy school admission, applications, and interviews,

  • Graduate school entrance exams, burnout and stress management

  • Participation in the national and international healthcare community

  • Community service

  • Cultural programs

  • Exchange programs with universities and colleges in Arab countries 

NAAMA NextGen's goal is to have active chapters in all 50 states and engage Arab Americans across the country. 






A. The name of this organization shall be: NAAMA NextGen (National Arab American Medical Association NextGen)

B. NAAMA NextGen is a section of the internationally recognized NAAMA (National Arab American Medical Association). 

C. Each chapter must be registered through NAAMA NextGen National and if applicable through their home institution. Please see the appendix for details on founding a chapter, operations, and positions. 





A. Any student may become a member. NAAMA (and NAAMA NextGen) is non-discriminatory, apolitical, and non-profit. It is an equal opportunity, affirmative action, and public institution that values diversity. The organization will not discriminate on the basis of age, color, gender, gender identity, disability status, height, marital status, national origin, political persuasion, race, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, or weight. Also, only students may be officers and/or voting members. 

B. Each new member shall pay a minimum fee of $10 per year.

A student becomes a member by filling out an application and getting approved by an elected officer. A person remains in good standing by paying dues and adhering to the bylaw. 


Section III: NEXTGEN NATIONAL (Board of Directors)


A. Chair, NAAMA NextGen

B. Senior Advisory Council (2 active NAAMA members)

The Chair and the Senior Advisory Council are appointed for three years  (since the conception of the bylaw in 2020) and then elected every 2 years. They are appointed by the President in consultation with the executive committee. 

C. National NextGen Core (NextGen president and/or representative from each chapter)

D. NAAMA NextGen Core includes: 

2 Co-Presidents



Mentorship Chair 

Chapter Coordinator 

Chapter Presidents 


Duties of the NextGen Core, include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. In consultation with the President, develop a draft of a strategic plan for the operations of NAAMA NextGen 

  2. Maintain responsibility for the administration of NAAMA NextGen programs, finances, and personnel

  3. Plan and implement fund generating programs, grants and potential research proposals within the professional capacity of NAAMA NextGen

  4. Plan and coordinate public relations campaigns that help boost NAAMA NextGen’s position among other health care professional organizations

  5. Coordinate with chapters and newly elected officials to implement guidelines of these campaigns

  6. Support NAAMA NextGen chapter Committees, maintain minutes of committee meetings, and keep records of Committee actions

  7. Support NAAMA NextGen Chapters, maintain records of correspondence between Chapters and the National Core, and maintain records of official Chapter activities, including but not limited to Chapter elections, membership rosters, payment updates and maintain regular correspondence with Chapter presidents to further NAAMA NextGen mission through its Chapters

  8. Support national and international convention committees in executing plans and arrangements for scientific, social and travel programs and attend

  9. Maintain good standing with NAAMA NextGen mentors and mentees

  10. Manage, maintain and oversee NAAMA NextGen’s communication tools with NextGen members

  11. Ensure that any member of NAAMA NextGen’s input and feedback is obtained and made 

  12. Maintain close working relations with local NAAMA Chapters and actively participate in Chapter functions and events




The roles and responsibilities of each respective chapter’s officers is per the discretion of that chapter. However, the below criteria must be fulfilled:


A. The following executive board positions must be present in order to have a functioning board. Additional positions may be created per chapter discretion - there may not be more than 7 board members.

President (at least 1, at most 2)

Media/Secretary  (handles internal and external communications)

Finance Chair/Treasurer

Mentorship Chair

B. Upon creation of a NAAMA NextGen chapter, the founding board will be appointed (with NAAMA NextGen National Chair approval) and will serve for a three year term. All consecutive terms will be elected for 1 year terms. There is a 2 term limit per specific position. 


C. Only members in good standing may nominate, be nominated and vote; elections shall be by secret ballot and require a simple majority of members present. 


D. The President shall have the following duties:

Providing leadership and direction to the club organization,

Presides at meetings of the club/ chapter and oversees the activities of the executive committee and board of directors

Approves all club/ chapter communications

Plans and coordinates committees to manage a series of meetings and programs.


E. The Secretary shall have the following duties:

Handles the correspondence of the club and keeps record of it

Maintains official records of meetings

Oversees new member recruitment.


F. The Treasurer shall have the following duties:

Oversees club finances

Assists other officers in budgeting


G. The Executive Board shall have the following duties:

Meet at least twice  a month

Actively participate in all club/chapter affairs

Focus on policy-making and long-range planning

Appoint ad hoc committees, including mentorship, philanthropy and social committees

Be in constant contact with NAAMA National members and collaborate with other chapters in order to improve the organization


H. All board members must be respectful of each other's time during meetings. The secretary will remind board members if they have spoken for more than 3 consecutive minutes. Meeting minutes will be taken by the secretary over what was accomplished during meeting and a summary email will be sent to all members afterwards. 


I. Executive board members are allowed 3 excused absences per term (communicated to secretary or president). 3 tardies result in an absence. If a board member violates this policy their board status is revoked and they will be ineligible to run for the Executive Board the following term. Extenuating circumstances should be communicated to the President. 

J. Executive board members must be in attendance for all events. Only 2 absences are permitted. Executive board members must promote all events on their personal social media. 



A. Any active member of NAAMA NextGen may propose amendments.


B. Amendments are made and take immediate effect after the National Core approves them. 


C. Amendments are approved after an 80% vote is given during a National Core meeting. 




NAAMA NextGen National will provide grant opportunities for events after chapters fill out the application on the website. All application will be approved by the NextGen National Chair and Senior Advisory Council. 


Section VI: CHAPTER – MODEL ( NextGen - University of Michigan)


I. Mission


A. NAAMA NextGen encourages students at any education level to explore their interest in health fields through professional development and promoting an Arab pre-health community.


B. Pillars:

a. Professional development:

i. Other than mentorship responsibilities

ii. Three (UM-Chapter) Events

b. Community:

Two Social events

c. Philanthropy

One UM-Chapter event


C. Collaborative events

In addition at least two of the above events will be in collaboration with another organization.


D. Long-Term Goals

a. Establishing relations with the Medical School

i. Shadowing program

ii. Research funneling program

iii. Mentorship with Medical Students

iv. Relationships with UM doctors

b. Member Goal: 100 people by the end of 2020

c. Maintaining Alumni Relationship

d. Connections with other NAAMA Nextgen Chapters

i. Relationships with other boards

e. Hosting the national summit

f. Creating relationships with local community leaders for service


E. Short-Term goals

a. Getting mentors for next year

i. Can bring mentors to salaam

b. Reaching out to members and creating a close knit community

i. Greet people, making sure we reach out and talk to them during meetings. etc

c. Finish the constitution


II. Membership


A. Eboard

a. Executive Board Meetings Attendance Policy

i. 3 absences a semester that are emailed in advance

ii. 3 tardies count as one absence

b. Events Policy

i. Eboard members are only allowed to miss 2 events a semester

ii. Eboard members are required to promote events through social media and other means


B. General membership

a. Active members must attend at least 70% of events



III. Responsibilities of Positions


A. Co-presidents

Responsible for providing strong leadership for NAAMA NextGen by working with the executive board to establish short and long-term goals, plans and strategies while also ensuring that we follow our mission. Responsible for leading executive board meetings, creating agendas and ensuring board members are meeting deadlines. Also responsible for maintaining relationships with the Arab Student Association and its umbrella organizations.


B. Professional Development Chair

Responsible for organizing and overseeing professional development within the NAAMA community by planning thought out effective events.


C. Mentorship Chair

Responsible for mentorship programs between underclassmen and upperclassmen as well as maintaining relationships with MSMD (medical students of middle eastern descent) at the Michigan medical school.


D. Finance Chair

Responsible for writing grants, securing funds from NAAMA national, monitoring finances and overseeing NAAMA’s SOAS and Venmo accounts aswell as budget for events. Also responsible for any potential fundraisers and updating the executive board weekly on any financial movement.


E. Philanthropy Chair

Responsible for planning and executing philanthropy events that embody our mission and make an impact on local or global communities.


F. Administration Chair

Responsible for reserving rooms, creating flyers, managing social media, taking attendance at meetings and events and taking notes at executive board meetings.


G. Social Chair

Responsible for planning and executing social events. Responsible for heading outreach initiatives in order to retain members and foster a communal culture within NAAMA NextGen.


IV. Funding


National vs Grants vs In-House Funds

A. Grants will be filled out well in advance of events in order to secure funds for events and will be our first preference in terms of funding.

B. If grants are not an option, the finance chair will lead a conversation with the executive board to determine if In-House Funds should be used or if National Funds should be requested.


V. Elections


A. Elections will occur at the end of the winter semester, the specific date will be decided by the current board in January of that election season.


B. Eligibility for board positions

Only active members are allowed to run for board positions


C. Applications

a. Applications for each role will be due 1 week before elections.

b. Applications will include platforms that will be emailed to all active members.

c. On election day, each candidate will give a one minute speech and then voting will be done after all speeches are heard.


D. Voting

a. Only active members are permitted to vote in elections.

b. Co-presidents are not permitted to vote in elections and will monitor voting methods.

c. If a tie ensues, the two co-presidents and the NAAMA NextGen national director will break the tie under confidentiality.

In the event that a co-president is running for re-election and they are involved in a tie the other co-president and the national director will break the tie under confidentiality


VI. Special Circumstances


A. In the case of special circumstances, the co-presidents will make an informed decision in consultation with the national director and the executive board on how to proceed and if deviation from the constitution is necessary.

a. If the decision that needs to be made requires urgency then extenuating circumstances apply.