Central Michigan University - EBoard

Ali Elsaghir is a third-year medical student at CMU College of Medicine from Dearborn, MI. His interests include interacting with others and building long term relationships, which have led him to pursue the field of Family Medicine. He plans to open his own Family Medicine practice that will allow him to serve as a leader and influencing factor in his community. For fun, he likes to play sports and spend time with family.

Ali Elsaghir


Mohamad Al-Sarraj is a third-year medical student at CMU College of Medicine from Flint, MI. His interests include traveling as well as aerial cinematography. He is excited to plan and host several NAAMA events this year and establish a strong presence at CMU. In his free time, he enjoys flying his drone and watching European football.

Mohamad Al-Sarraj

Vice President

Ahmad Chehab is a third-year medical student at CMU College of Medicine from Sterling Heights, MI. His interests include mentorship and getting to know the people of his community. He hopes for NAAMA to become a unifying organization for Arab American medical professionals in Central and Northern Michigan. In his free time, he likes to read and stay active.

Ahmad Chehab

Graduate Advisor

Nada Al-Ahmad is a sophomore majoring in Biochemistry. As a proud Arab American and prospective medical student, Nada strives to make the voices of the Arab American healthcare professionals heard. Nada is looking forward to help Arab pre-meds navigate the opportunities and resources available to them both professionally and academically, as well as be a support system for those who need it. A fun fact about Nada is that she is a third culture kid.

Nada Al-Ahmad


Layal Bou Harfouch is a 1st year graduate student at Johns Hopkins University and a CMU alumna from Madison Heights, MI. She will graduate with her MS in Biotechnology in the Spring of 2022. She hopes to attend medical school after finishing her masters degree. She plans to get involved with the diversity and inclusion office at Johns Hopkins once the school year starts. For fun, she likes to read, blog, and spend time with friends.

Layal Bou Harfouch

Undergraduate Advisor